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PHARMA LIBYA CONFERENCE 2024 serves a convergence point
for the global and local healthcare pioneers, establishing a dynamic
platform that harmonizes innovation, medication, and celebration.
paving the opportunity to explore the latest advancements, attend
insightful sessions, engage in informative lectures, and discover
groundbreaking research papers.


To position Libya as a global hub connecting regional and international
medical pharmaceutical industries, fostering development collaborations,
and establishing enduring commercial relationships.


Our mission is to provide an advanced scientific platform where top doctors and specialized
professors from around the world come together, this platform aims to transcend geographical
boundaries and offer direct opportunities for professionals in the field. Also, it gives the
opportunity to facilitate direct access to an elite group of senior investors and executives in the
medical and pharmaceutical industry, and other influential figures. We facilitate interactions to
establish new relationships, explore new suppliers, or initiate new fruitful projects.

Key Elements:

PHARMA LIBYA CONFERENCE ® 2024. “ 2nd Edition “

Our objective in the second edition is to catalyze discussions that drive medical innovation.
Join us in fostering dialogues that inspire groundbreaking advancements, shaping the future
landscape of advanced healthcare solutions.

MedExcellence Award ® 2024. “1st Edition “

“MedExcellence Award ® 2024. In its inaugural edition, we shine a spotlight on exceptional
achievements in healthcare, advocating for innovation and reshaping the panorama of medical
excellence. Join us in celebrating remarkable accomplishments in the realm of healthcare and
driving innovation. Together, let’s reshape the landscape of medical brilliance.”


  • Governmental Officials.
  • Corporate officers and CEOs, GMs, Executives.
  • Hospital CEOs, GMs, Executives.
  • Oncology, Cardiovascular, Internal medicine, Radiology Professors.
  • Pharmacists, doctors, and academicians.
  • Biotechnology specialists.
  • Diagnostic Radiologists.
  • Hospital administrators and medical representatives.
  • Medical& Health institutions (R&D, M-Labs,).
  • Pharma Industry associations & Key members.
  • Plant management and compliance/regulatory officers.
  • Suppliers & Distributors.
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PHARMA LIBYA CONFERENCE 2024 serves a convergence pointfor the global and local healthcare pioneers, establishing a dynamicplatform that harmonizes innovation, medication, and celebration.paving the opportunity

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