About Alwasl Events

Who are we?

Alwasl Company for organizing exhibitions and conferences emerged from ATEX, a well-known global exhibition organization company in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, with more than 20 years of experience in exhibitions targeting various sectors, on top of which is building, construction, health care, hospitality and consumer in Libya, Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt And the United Arab Emirates, which gave birth to the largest and most prominent economic event in the history of Libya in the construction sector: Libya Build exhibition.

Dual Events

In a remarkable display of organizational prowess, Alwasl recently orchestrated two standout events simultaneously in Benghazi: the Pharma Libya Expo and The Restaurant and Food Show. 4 – 7 Nov. 2024

The Pharma Libya Expo convened industry leaders and healthcare innovators, fostering collaboration and showcasing cutting-edge advancements. Meanwhile, The Restaurant and Food Show transformed Benghazi into a culinary haven, celebrating local flavors and culinary talent. Despite the logistical complexity, both events ran seamlessly, leaving attendees captivated and inspired. As we look to the future, Alwasl remains committed to delivering exceptional experiences that redefine event standards in Benghazi and beyond.


To become the premier exhibition organizer company in the region, creating exceptional experiences for exhibitors and attendees


deliver successful and innovative exhibitions that connect businesses, industries, and people from around the world


Integrity, Commitment, Transparency, and Excellence, Collaboration, Creativity, Customer Focus

Why Alwasl?

The pillars of Alwasl are solid, as they are based on nearly two decades of international experience with the exhibitions of ATEX, which paved the way for Alwasl to complete the steps and prepare the largest incubator for effective networking between exhibitors through its upcoming conferences and exhibitions.

Alwasl’s objectives can be summarized as:


Our Services

Alwasl services provide Organizing exhibitions and conferences,
Professional Marketing Campaigns, and more.

and Conferences

Conferences and exhibitions are for people with common goals

B2B Matchmaking and
Business Development

B2B meetings get organized in cooperation with exporters’ associations


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